We supply solutions to provide ISDN over IP. ISDN2 and ISDN30 are fully supported including many ancillary services like CLID and inband call progress.

BT Openreach are the predominant supplier in the UK of ISDN lines and services in the UK. Over the years there have been many withdrawal dates for ISDN the latest being 2022 ‘stop sell’ no new lines unless there is a genuine business justification, and 2025 all ISDN lines will be turned off along with the telephone exchanges they are supplied from.

Openreach will be ‘all IP’ from 2025.

Using our own telecoms platform we can fully virtualize an existing ISDN line or service and then re-provide over IP to any location, effectively allowing a customer to unplug their ISDN equipment / codec / PABX from the public (eg Openreach) ISDN network and plug straight into our equipment for a transparent service. No reconfiguration required.

Troubleshooting inter-operating (interop)  problems are also a specialty.

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